A beautiful fairytale hotel


All rooms in this Bed & Breakfast are designed as a fairytale. A troll room, The Trojan horse… Click for more fairytale rooms: La Balade des Gnomes.

Stay in a tower: the Euromast


Spend the night in a special suite in the Euromast : sleeping 100 meters heigh. Click here for all the details: hotel Euromast.

Stay in a medieval castle


In Spain, the Pyrinees you will find this beautiful castle. For more information: Castle Montfalcó Murallat.

Gravita accounting software


PSU Accounting software – € 99,-.

Hotel not hotel


Hotel Not Hotel is a place in Amsterdam where a room isn’t just a room, but a work of art with its own creator, story, and identity: more information.

Stay in a haunted castle


Stay in a real haunted castle. Hotel Dalhousie in Scotland is one of the most haunted hotels in the UK: hotel Dalhousie.

Stay in an igloo vacation home


In the south of the Netherlands you will find this special igloo vacation home. For more information: click here.

Stay in a real monastery

Overnachten in een klooster

Stay in a real monastery. Here, you can rest. You can deal with your problems in silence, or talk about it. During your stay you will be a part of the abbey society. For more info: Monastery Tongerlo.

Stay in a windmill


Stay in a special vacation lodging: a windmill. This windmill is in Wijchen, the Netherlands. And it still works. More info you will find here: The Verrekijker.

Stay in a snow hotel


In Finland you will find this beautiful icy hotel. Stay in a snow room or try the ice sauna. Don’t forget to watch the northern lights: Arctic Snow Hotel.

Stay on a liner


Stay on the beautiful liner ss Rotterdam. Luxurious and affordable. This ship from the fifties of the last century is rebuild in a great hotel: ss Rotterdam.

Learn to paint in a castle in Belgium


Learn to paint at your vacation on a castle in the Ardennes in Belgium. Enjoy the extraordinary nature and your own paintings.: Chateau de Grimonster.


A vacation on a raft


An exceptional vacation: stay on a raft and enjoy the freedom of nature. This raft is in Friesland, the Netherlands: The Little Paradise.

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