Sleeping in a real monastery

Sleeping in a real monastery

Be warned: the guesthouse of Tongerlo Abbey is not a cheap hotel. It is a real monastery. Therefore, there is no  television and the Abbey community prefer a little silence, although you can feel free to talk to the other guests or the residents. There is a room for guests where a newspaper is available and where one can drink. In the monastery, which is largely inhabited by priests and monks , all are welcome. If you are facing a tough decision and really even want to go into seclusion, or if you ever want to put everything in perspective, evaluate or reorient your life.

ABD Portiertoren


The rooms in the monastery

The guest quarters is partly set in the old abbot ( 1479 ). Here are situated on the first floor five comfortable rooms, two of which are furnished as double. On the second floor there are eight simple rooms. In the classical abbot (1724 ) there are two very beautiful and spacious double rooms. With a unique atmosphere there are four rooms above the Gatehouse (14 ° and 15 ° century). All rooms feature a sink or basin but showers and toilets are in the corridor. The guesthouse is not equipped with an elevator. A private guest garden, furnished with sofas and chairs, offering tranquility and repose. New guests are expected in any case before 21.00 hours. There is no need to bring sheets, towels and  toiletries.

ABD Pandgang

The vicinity of the monastery

Tongerlo Abbey is ideally suited as a starting point for some tourist walking, cycling and car routes. There are a small number of restaurants and bars near the monastery. In Westerlo you can go to the da Vinci Museum, see two mighty fine castles and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. The village is not far from Antwerp. Theme park Bobbejaanland is also pretty close.


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